What would a developed Enterprise Island look like ?

The Upper Orwell Crossings are being sold on the idea that they can, not only relieve traffic congestion, but allow for the redevelopment of the island site into ‘Enterprise Island’ in the hope they can create a technological hub and expand the university as well as provide housing to the south of the island all while keeping existing industry.


The Link Development – A commentary on Ipswich’s dire planning and lack of ambition

With the councils constant emphasis on the waterfront, a lapse of coherent thinking has lead to a planning calamity which has ultimately resulted in the total isolation of the waterfront to the rest of the town and the golden mile as its known, from Hyde Park corner (where Westgate meets St Mathew's Street to Major's corner by the Regent theatre). Despite a 2011 proposal to link the two parts of the town, Ipswich is now left with a lacklustre, 4 storey development of retirement homes... what ambition.