Since 2004 in Ipswich Central alone, Ipswich has seen the collapse of almost £500 million of development. The town was hit hard by the 2008 crash which affected many developments, however, the mentality of town has changed dramatically in the way the town should be developed. Large scale ambitious developments have seemingly given way for small, incremental proposals that are often a short term investment.

This site aims to document all major proposals that were not realised as well as those that are being planned.

Ipswich needs change, change at the political level will take decades, the change begins with local residents whom want to see Ipswich flourish, not stall. I am dedicating my spare time to this website, and as a student whom has lived in Ipswich all my life, I want to see change. Starting by highlighting the many proposals that collapsed in and around Ipswich. As an extension, I will be documenting new proposals, news and updates.

But before that, check out these websites

Ipswich Community Forum – A new community forum for Ipswich to discuss all local matters, big or small.

Facebook.com/TheIpswichProposal – Get in touch by the Ipswich Proposal facebook page

Youtube – My YouTube Channel

All posts are broken into different categories.

News – news and updates about existing buildings

  • Location
  • Year – of proposal
  • Type – multiple may be selected
  • Status
  • Case studies
  • By Street – search for a post by Street name

All in information is sourced from the following

  • Online planning applications
  • Architect/investor/developer websites
  • news outlets BBC/Ipswich Star/EADT etc