Concertus design & property consultants ltd are one of the largest multi-disciplined architectural firms working in Suffolk with over 100 employees. Formally part of the property department of Suffolk County Council, they have since become an independent firm and have out grown their premise at Endeavour House.

The four year old company have recently moved into the Friars Bridge Road offices which were last occupied in 2015 when Legal and General began relocating its offices to Birmingham and Hove resulting in the closure of its Ipswich office causing the loss of 140 jobs. Concertus, having renovated the interior, will occupy three floors of the building, allowing room for sufficient expansion of the firm.

This is good news for the town, a local company expanding, however, like Birketts’ it is another local firm that has relocated to Princes Street, not a London or large corporation as the council hope the Princes Street business corridor will attract. Nonetheless, it is one less empty building and as for Endeavour House, Suffolk County Council will no doubt rearrange departments. It has also created space for regional council offices to relocate if need be.




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